Thursday, February 01, 2007

After our improv set in Jamestown last Saturday (documented by Mr. Social), the cast, PGirl and Princess headed over to the Wine Cellar for a night cap. Ian (one of the troupe) wanted to play electronic darts. Naturally I wanted some mood music, so I dropped some money on the digital jukebox. These new music machines charge a lot for their song plays, but you can find some obscure stuff. Ian beat me in both matches, but listening to these tunes was worth it. Plus, I had some extra birthday money too!

Ian and Galoot's Dart Match Playlist: A Thursd8
  1. "Marquee Moon" by Television. Great art-punk from the '70s. At over 10 minutes long, it has a lot of value.
  2. "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk. Another long player.
  3. "Graveyard Shift" by Uncle Tupelo. Loud, twangy and crunchy.
  4. "Genius of Love" by Tom Tom Club (played by Talking Heads). Good live version of the song. "Jaaaames. Browwwn. Jaaaames. Browwwn."
  5. "Take Me To The River" by Talking Heads. Another live version. Not so great when played upbeat.
  6. "My City Was Gone" by Pretenders. Same melody as the previous song, but much slower. "Hey, ho, way to go Ohio."
  7. "Guns of Brixton" by The Clash. Can't go wrong here.
  8. "Gas Face" by 3rd Bass. Uses a catchy sample from "Respect"


3carnations said...

I'm so uncool, I only know #5. Oh well.

princess slea said...

i seem to remember a Pogues song as well...

PreppyGirl said...

Everytime I hear "Take me to the River," all I can think about is one of those singing mechanical rubber mounted bass fish from WalMart.

I was getting some odd looks from the others at the bar about your song choices - except of course from Mort.

Galoot said...

Pogues - "Sunny Side Of The Street"

I forgot!

Mort and I share some musical tastes.