Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chicago 13

Thirteen Things That Have Gone Down Since We Hit The Windy City

  1. White Castle burgers and fries.
  2. Free admission to the Brookfield Zoo with the family.
  3. T-Mobile's near monopoly on the various wi-fi spots in La Grange. I'm looking at you Starbucks and Borders! Thank you Caribou Coffee!
  4. Galoot Jr. running head-on into a display at the Museum of Science and Industry. Like a bird into a window. Sad but funny.
  5. PGirl Jr. puts deodorant on her hairless pits.
  6. PGirl gets a Coach purse courtesy of Mother Lee.
  7. Galoot gets sad when he reads about all the cool bands he'd love to see in Chicago over the next two months. Over 25. The saddest miss - The Pogues.
  8. Dragon Roll at a sushi joint on North Clark street.
  9. Jimmy McJamestown opining on the tragic flaw of Rerun from "Whats Happening". When secretly bootlegging a Doobie Brothers concert, he just has to dance, causing the recorder to fall out of his clothing.
  10. An insanely trafficky drive to Aurora on Wednesday night.
  11. PGirl's cousin's very nice condo.
  12. Favor8 and Amber joining us for dinner with Mr. and Mrs. McJamestown. I miss Smoky.
  13. A dead hamster at Aunt Mary's house.


Kentucky Colonel said...

Glad you made it back OK! Did the box ever arrive?

Galoot said...

We're still here. Not sure about the package...

princess slea said...

methinks i might have to get tickets to see the pogues.

3carnations said...

We've never been to Brookfield Zoo, but we've been to Lincoln Park Zoo (always free there!).

Deodorant for P-Girl Jr...Is 5 the going age these days? I want to say I was 8...