Sunday, March 04, 2007

March Madness

The first week back from vacation has always been hell for me. By last Friday I was caught up with my work. The house work is coming around a bit this weekend. I've managed to do a couple loads of laundry and make 2 meals that we can heat up throughout the week. Time to blog. Nothing in particular to write about today. Looks like it will be a scattershot kind of post.

R wrote about two fortunate sons of 1980's sitcoms - Alex P. Keaton and Mike Seaver. She asked her readers to pick one. For me, it was easy. Alex. And "Family Ties". No contest. "Growing Pains" loses just because of Alan Thicke and Sylvester Stabone. And that Jeremy kid who played the little brother.

Besides, Alex had more pathos. Did Mike ever talk to his dead friend in a "very special episode"? I don't think so. The best he could pull off was saying no to drugs and freezing a party of teenagers, post-credits, for a very lame public service announcement. Here it is with an asian translation over the original audio. Neither can top Dudley almost getting his corn creamed on "Diffr'ent Strokes".

For those of you in the dark, that last series featured an episode where Gordon Jump from "WKRP" played a child molester who seduced youngsters in the back of his bicycle shop. Disturbing content to be sure. Doubly troubling because another friendly sitcom face was the predator. Should I have expected any less? He was the "Big Guy" after all.

By the way R, PreppyGirl and I spent some of our visit with Monkey and Princess singing TV themes. It just so happens we compared the songs from "Growing Pains" to "Family Ties". Sha La La La!

It is Adrian Zmed day here at 23 Ohio Street. In the span of two hours I've seen him in "Bachelor Party" and "Grease 2". Maybe a "T.J. Hooker" marathon is coming up.

Snow Belt Pet Peeve of the Week - Pedestrians who refuse to walk on the sidewalks, even when they have been shoveled. Hey folks! I know it sucks when there is snow on the sidewalks, but you should head on down to Big Lots and buy a pair of cheap boots. Stop walking on the street! I don't drive on the sidewalk when there is snow on the road!

In sporting news, Kentucky lost again today. On a brighter note, first round games will be played in Buffalo in two weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Wildcats to show. If Duke shows up R, I'll be sure to show my support! And by support, I mean flashing my jock strap at the Blue Devils! (As if PreppyGirl would let that happen.)

PGirl Jr. and Galoot Jr. have been full of beans this weekend. Luckily we've been able to keep them in check. PreppyGirl gets mad props for picking up some DVD's from the library. We watched "You, Me and Dupree" last night. It was just okay. Couldn't quite find what it wanted to be methinks.

Other than that, we've been hunkered down in the house, catching up on the Tivo shows. Hopefully there will be more to comment on this week. And for all you kind readers out there - Mick, Pops, Princess, Jenny, R, Monkey and some more - I've been lurking, but not commenting. Not enough time I'm afraid...


-R- said...

I saw an episode of Growing Pains AND the Inside the Actors' Studio episode with Michael J Fox this weekend. Crazy!

I didn't watch UNC v. Duke today, but I did watch the MVC tournament championship, which was great.

I'm glad you guys had a fun vacation!

Galoot said...

Looks like your Creighton is doing well. Catch the Duke/UNC highlights for the elbow/gashed nose foul on Duke! Gruesome...

TheMick said...

hopefully The Cats will do well in the SEC tourney or they could find themselves on the bubble

Mr. Social said...

Here's another reason to go with Michael J. Fox. Have you seen any of Kirk Cameron's latest work? He's doing Christian television.

4 out of 5 Monkeys surveyed prefered the Darwinian fruit salad

Stinky said...

Michael J Fox is the guy for good reasons: He's Canadian (just like moi!) and he was Preppy (always a good thing, right?).

Also wasn't impressed by "You, Me and Dupree"...

Have a good week!