Tuesday, March 20, 2007


  1. Not a thirteen. Maybe something else.

Two dear friends from my college days have been blogging for a long while and I'd like to link them up here.

Steve (a.k.a Skippy)

And Tracy!

Here goes...

Some Random Recollections About My Friends, Steve and Tracy

  1. Tracy was among the very first group of folks I met at college that remained friends throughout our tenure.
  2. I met Steve when we were cast as sidekicks in "Scapino".
  3. Tracy is from Oklahoma and a perfect example of Midwestern kindness.
  4. Steve (I believe) is from Missouri and a perfect example of what happens to you if you use the same facial expression too much. In other words, the guy has a huge smile that was present often during our times together.
  5. Tracy's dad was a founding member of my fraternity.
  6. Steve was in another fraternity, whose members I was very close to.
  7. Tracy and Steve are both accomplished vocalists.
  8. Tracy was in a sorority with my college girlfriends, Sara and Traci.
  9. Steve and I founded our own fraternity known as "The Squirrels".
  10. Tracy had a propensity for reaching out to people in genuine generosity.
  11. Steve had a propensity for reaching out to me in genuine nudity (and I reciprocated!).
  12. Steve and Tracy honored me by asking me to be the best man at their wedding!


Kentucky Colonel said...


Just wanted to let you know I said Hi to Skippy and Tracey.

Did you ever wonder where I got Galoot from?

Tracy Crowe Jones said...

Ahhh, Lenny...such nice things you recall and say about us! And just at a time when I needed a little reminder that I am loved and appreciated.

BTW...my two favorite photos of you and Skippy are 1)in the yearbook with you two holding our APO banner in front of your privates, and B) of you two standing in front of the giant balloon octopus at Delta Dance with your pants down around your ankles and your arms around each other.

You're the best!

PreppyGirl said...

Well honey. I can see you haven't changed much in the last 15 years. :)