Thursday, March 08, 2007

...and expeditious!

PGirl and I watched "A Prairie Home Companion" last night. This is the second time she has checked it out of the library, but the first time we've made time to watch it. It is pretty good. Not bad as a Robert Altman film. And it is a pretty good interpretation of the radio show (which I'm a fan of.) Mostly I'm happy that I saw the film before it became one of those "I wish I'd seen it!" films. With this in mind, I present to you...

Thirteen Films I Want To Take Off Of My "I Wish I Had Seen" List:

  1. "Nashville" - A Robert Altman film from the seventies. I recorded it from Turner Classic Movies (which shows widescreen). I loved "MASH" and "Short Cuts" so I'm pretty sure I'll like this one too.
  2. "Sin City" - I bought this one on DVD over a year ago and still haven't watched it. I have a feeling "300" might fall into this category.
  3. "Kill Bill" - Both volumes. I've seen most of these two films - out of sequence - on HBO and TNT. I saw "Pulp Fiction" four times in theatres and still think it was robbed of the Oscar by "Forrest Gump". I owe Tarantino a few hours of my time.
  4. "Laurence of Arabia" - Aunt Janet gave the VHS, letterboxed version to me several years ago, and I still haven't watched it.
  5. "Reds" - By all accounts, a great one. Some day I'll remember to rent it.
  6. "The Ref" - Another DVD we've owned for a couple of years. PGirl swears by it.
  7. "The Quiet Man" - I'm an Irish-American. This one is sort of like a rite of passage.
  8. "The Conversation" - Coppola's 1974, eavesdropping flick is supposed to be one of his better ones.
  9. "Taxi Driver" - A Scorcese pic that many swear by.
  10. "Gone With The Wind" - Is it really as good as people say?
  11. "Sophie's Choice" - I already know what she chose to do. Should I still see it?
  12. "Seven Samurai" - The Kurosawa classic that spawned many remakes.
  13. "Citizen Kane" - Maybe if I had taken film appreciation...


-R- said...

"Gone With the Wind" is NOT good. It just goes on, and on, and on, and on. Bleck.

3carnations said...

I've seen Gone With The Wind in parts on cable. Combined I think I've seen it all. It always catches my attention...It's good enough, I suppose. I don't know if I like it because I actually like it, or because society says I should, due to it being a classic and all...

That's the ONLY movie on that list I've seen.

PreppyGirl said...

You've never seen Quiet Man? Whoa. Next time it is on, we are watching. You can't go wrong with a John Wayne-Maureen O'Hara-Barry Fitzgerald combo.

princess slea said...

if you love robert altman you should check out Vincent & Theo. short cuts was great and always reminds me of julianne moore!!

sin city is AWESOME

Kill Bills: i put off for a long time too but finally watched them in order all the way through and liked them but not as much as pulp fiction or res. dogs.

the Ref was okay but doesn't seem like it belongs on the same list as the other greats here.

TAXI driver?? you've seriously never seen it? boggles my mind.

GWTW: must see just in case you are ever on a trivia show and they ask a question about it. i've seen it once but wouldn't plan to ever watch it again.

Sophie's Choice, now that i am a mother, I don't think I could bear to watch this movie. too heart wrenching.

Seven Samurai has been in our netflix queue for about a year, monkey put it there and i keep moving it down the list.

Stinkypaw said...

I enjoyed "Sin City", the dark and twisted and both "Kill Bill" which weren't as violent as I thought they would be... which was a very good thing. I tend to like Tarantino's work.

Had to watch "Gone with..." for a history class in high-school as well as "Dr. Jivago"

And I love old movies, like "Laurence of Arabia", "Citizen Kane". Taxi Driver is a must!