Thursday, March 15, 2007

Funny Pages

I read them every morning. Well, there are at least two that I read every morning. Mondays through Fridays I read them on the web. On the weekends I buy the newspaper to get a hold of them. Whatever the case, I gotsta have my daily comic strips. Here are 13 ones that I read or have read with frequency over the years:

1. "Funky Winkerbean" - The main characters started out as teens in the seventies and didn't age for several years. Now they're all my age and somewhat relatable. I love how the seasons change throughout the strip as well as the recurring themes of high school life (for teachers and students), family, love and loss.

2. "For Better Or For Worse" - I have literally grown up with this family. Son, Michael is about my age and has two kids, just like me. It took me a long time to figure out they lived in Canada, but that didn't change the impact it has on me. Cloying at times, (especially with the author's take on the youngest daughter's life in high school), but ultimately worth sticking with. Like "Funky", it has story arcs that keep me hooked.

3. "Luann" - I hate, hate, hate the author's take on kids and parents. It is just too pat for me. And each character is drawn, at times, with a smug look about them (half-lidded, "I told you so eyes.". The only reason I come back is to see if brother Brad will end up with Toni.

4. "Dilbert" - I should read this daily, but usually opt for the Sunday version. I've only worked in an office setting in the last year, so mostly I love the absurd comedy that crops up.

5. "Get Fuzzy" - Anthropomorphized cat and dog making their owner's life very interesting. Some gaggy, punny humor at times, but I still love it.

6. "Bloom County" - Long gone for many years now, the characters still live on in "Opus" on Sundays and in collections. Political, satrical, filled with parodies - a living testament to the 1980's and all things cultural.

7. "Crankshaft" - The bus driver from "Funky Winkerbean" has his own spin-off. Another slice of midwestern living. Watch for the crossovers with its parent strip from time to time.

8. "Pickles" - A retired, elderly couple living out their golden years with the help of a dog, cat and grandson (who is sometimes like a pet himself). Light, easy-going humor.

9. "Calvin and Hobbes" - Brilliant strip! I used to read the collections before I went to sleep at night. Bill Watterson was very outspoken on the comics business as well.

10. "The Far Side" - Still alive in desktop calendars.

11. "Peanuts" - This one captured the innocence of childhood and the ability of kid's to see through bullshit.

12. "Dog Eat Doug" - A harmless lark about an infant boy and his dog. "Calvin and Hobbes" lite.

13. "Mutts" - Cute strip about cats and dogs - sensing a theme here? Cute, but not in a "Family Circus" way. Thankfully.


Stinkypaw said...

"Calvin & Hobbes" were and still are my favorites - I have all their books. I was sad when Watterson retured.

"Dilbert" is another good one, only because we are both (Hubby and moi) from cubeville (ex Nortel employees), so we can really relate.

"For Better or For Worse" some are really touching - when the grandma died... and we (Canadians) are not "that" different form you, you know.

I enjoy "Rose is Rose", "Real Life Adventures" and "Stone Soup". Hubby has a script running to download his fav strips daily...

monkeybrigade said...

For some reason, Shakespug in "Get Fuzzy" cracks me up. A lap dog speaking in iambic pentameter is pure comedy gold.