Sunday, March 25, 2007

Life Rocks!

What a weekend! The second in a row that I managed to enjoy. Some highlights:

- Remembering the old college days because I discovered that one of PGirl's blog-buddies went to college with me for two years. Big ups to Flybunny.

- My March Madness bracket is shoring up. I went 22 of 32 for the 1st round, 11 of 16 for the second round and After a post-lunch visit to the Wine Cellar for a look at my picks, I despaired, seeing I was 9 points behind the guy in first and tied with a gazillion people for something like 10th place. By Friday night I was 6 for 8 and tonight, Georgetown sealed my Final Four, perfectly. I have Florida and Georgetown in the final with the Gators repeating.

- In a somewhat sad note, Tubby Smith, ten year head coach at Kentucky, left to coach the gophers of Minnesota. Good for him. I've got another team to support. Now, who will fill his shoes in Lexington. Any guesses? Billy Donovan would be a huge score for the Wildcats. We'll see what happens.

- In a funny note, Galoot Jr. was in the McDonald's bathroom this morning, humming a familiar theme. I asked him what song he was singing. He said, "Star Wars". The little sprout was humming the "Imperial March". May the poop be with you all.


Mama Drama Jenny said...

Ha! The Imperial March.

My husband will be able to die happy if Hailey ever does that.

Galoot said...

Just turn on any of the HBO channels if you have them. All 6 movies have been playing ad nauseum for a month.

Momma Hen said...

I can't wait to tell your brother what galoot jr was humming. He will be sooooo proud. He keeps wanting the boys to watch star wars, but I keep telling him they are too little. Now, he will be watching it tonight with them :)

princess slea said...

we have started Jude on Star Wars (of course you've seen our living room and know that there is no way for our kids to escape it). Jude looked up and as if he noticed for the first time the R2D2 phone on the shelf. He gasped and said "look mommy, it's dootie dootie". I cracked up.

Tweedyfan said...

I went 26 and 6 in the first round. Overall I am 46 and 16 with Florida and Ohio going to the final with Ohio winning. Amazing. I kicked my hisband and his dads asses in the pool.

Tracy Crowe Jones said...

Who is Tweedyfan???? I can't figure it out and he/she keeps being elusive. Help!!!!!

Galoot said...

PGirl picked the final two in her work bracket.

I had Florida and G-Town going. Oh well. I can still get some points if Florida wins tonight!