Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Big Chill

Things That Sucked About The Snow Yesterday

  1. One of my neighbors parked his vehicle on our side of the street, causing the snowplow to avoid him and the front of our driveway which left a four foot wide, two feet deep pile of snow in front of my driveway.
  2. It took a long time to even use the snow thrower.
  3. The auger line was loosened by the extra work.
  4. I ranted about sending my neighbor any repair bills regarding my snow blower because he couldn't park his car in his own driveway.
  5. PGirl yelled at me for behaving like an ass.
Things That Sucked, Not Regarding The Snow Yesterday
  1. State funding that provided me with a job a couple of years ago, employs some friends and provides afterschool care for over 700 students in our city is being chopped out a year ahead of schedule.
  2. "Pardon The Interruption" wasn't on in favor of race car programming.
  3. Kentucky lost. (I'm waiting for your comment lawyer!)
  4. My back was really sore.
  5. The "Luann" comic strip.
Things That Were Cool Yesterday
  1. PGirl gave me a magazine subscription to Bon Appetit.
  2. The kiddoes liked their chocolate hearts and stuffed animals.
  3. My office had heat.


PreppyGirl said...

I yelled something not very nice (hangs head in shame). But you kinda deserved it.

The didn't play PTI in favor of racing? What's this world coming to? I hope the totally rip on racing tomorrow.

-R- said...

Oh, Kentucky. Good try. Too bad you can't be as awesome as Duke.

Sorry about the snow plowing thing. I know what a pain that is.

Also, I love PTI!

3carnations said...

I've never heard of Pardon the Interruption. However, there are very few things that racing could possibly take precedence over, in my opinion.

Who parks in the road when it's snowing? Next time I would go knocking on his door BEFORE the plow comes around and ask him to move so you don't get stuck in the situation you were in last time. Maybe he could park on the other side of his OWN driveway so he can deal with the consequences!

Kentucky Colonel said...

Why didn't he park on his side of the street?

UK not as awesome as Duke? At least we'll be in the Tourney this year!

What's an Auger Line? Is it like a Conga Line, where you drink a Bahama Mama while you are on it?

Kentucky Colonel said...

Dear -R-, "too bad you can't be as awesome as Duke"

At first I was going to ask Galoot to block your comments or report you to Blogger for inappropriate comments, then in fairness I checked out your background on your Blog.

You were born in Tenn.! You should be an SEC Fan! Root for Tenn.(I love Coach Pearl) or Fla. or UK.

We can help you cure this problem .
You are invited to watch the Tourney this year with Me, Galoot, The Mick, and Big Al(Who taught his 3yr old twin sons to chant "go Big Blue")and we can cheer for UK together.

Three reasons you should not cheer for Duke:

1. You are a Woman and women are smarter then men, just ask Preppy Girl or Miss Liz!
2. You are a GRITS(Girls Raised In The South)!
3. You where born in Tenn. and "Good Ole Rockie Top" must naturally sound better than the Duke fight song!

Bye-The-Bye all is in jest(kinda) and you have a cool blog! LOL

-R- said...

You have some excellent points, Kentucy Colonel. But did Christian Laettner play for UK? And does Coach K coach UK? No? Then I cannot root for UK. However, I will say that I do like Tubby Smith.

Galoot said...

Laettner wouldn't have made the cut at U.K. Our program doesn't tolerate punks who stomp on the chests of guys who are laid out on the court!

He wouldn't have wanted to come to the bluegrass state any way, because he wouldn't have had as many chances at the free throw line. At Cameron, he had the benefit of the refs calling an inordinate amount of fouls against opponents. Look it up. It's science.

princess slea said...

I think you should start parking both of your vehicles on either side of their driveway. People can be really annoying.

Julia said...

"Luann" redeemed herself in today's comic strip.

And let me add my grumblings on snow since I spent over an hour shoveling out the end of our driveway because we had 4 foot of crap left by the plows. Oh yeah, I would have used our snowblower but some guy I'm married to says it got broken last winter and he hasn't had it fixed yet.

Kentucky Colonel said...

Laettner!!! It always comes back to that pretty boy for the girls LOL.

If I see that full court pass to LAETTNER for THE SHOT that beat UK, one more time in the promos leading to the Tourney, I will pluck my eyes out and just listen to the games from then on!!!!!!!!!!!!