Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fill In The Blanks

Snagged from Mr. Social:

Type in your name and wants, needs, should, will and believe into google. See what comes up!

Lenny wants to become the world’s greatest stand up comic.
Lenny wants to meet 9 people.
Lenny wants it back and he wants it back forever.

Lenny needs your jokes.
Lenny needs to grow some balls.
Lenny needs something to believe in.

Lenny should go to lectures 3 and 4.
Lenny should be doing it.
Lenny should have been in the boardroom.

Lenny will include a copy of his National Best Selling book.
Lenny will be lecturing on striper fishing.
Lenny will walk to a giant golden statue.

Lenny believes he has the solutions to everyone’s problems.
Lenny believes Teddy.
Lenny believes in small beginnings.


-R- said...

I think the golden statue is in reference to the award you will win for your Nutcracker performance.

PreppyGirl said...

"Lenny believes he has the solutions to everyone's problems."

DOES HE EVER! And I get to hear about it every damn day.

monkeybrigade said...

I'm concerned about this "Teddy". Is he like The Smoking Man from the X-Files? Why does Lenny believe so much in him?