Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Mash Up

I don't have any particular thread of thought to share today. I will meander....

  1. Super Bowl Sunday was more relaxing than usual this year. I planned out my menu far ahead of time and bought the ingredients early as well. Most of the foods were easy to prepare and I spread the making of them out over two days.
  2. The game itself was kind of fun to watch in the first half. I drifted away from it after Prince. Half-time at our house was split between the purple one and a recording of "30 Rock" from last Thursday. Paul Reubens' character was classic!
  3. Favorite Commercial? Budweiser's "Rock, Paper, Scissors".
  4. From the "I Don't Get Their Appeal" Department (Some having nothing to do with Sunday or current trends). David Spade. He's a smarmy little shit and plays one on TV. And he needs to hold a mirror to himself the next time he wants to make fun of anyone. Heather Locklear is easily the most boring and bland actress on television in the last 20 years. She makes the secretary on "Northern Exposure" seem like Jim Carrey. Thankfully, some TV execs have seen past her fake blond hair and have stopped hiring her. Jimmy Fallon was an utter joke on his last couple of seasons on SNL. Don't blame the show here. The dude was unprofessional every time he cracked himself up during the show. I don't know where he is in relation to being back in the public eye - whereever that place may be is too close. He needs to go away.
  5. SNL's Digital Shorts continue to entertain. The low-impact aerobic workout spoof had a lot of funny little moments. ("Air").


3carnations said...

I saw David Spade live in Las Vegas years ago. I used to like him until then. He's not a very good stand up comedian. He lost me when he made a lewd joke about his own grandmother.

princess slea said...

i think david spade is funny. i guess he had me with the Gap girls on SNL and i thought that the sitcom Just Shoot Me was funny too.
jimmy fallon? meh..take him or leave him, i don't recall ever having laughed at his skits.

PreppyGirl said...

Not a fan of David Spade, though I'll agree that Just Shoot Me was pretty funny (the episode where Amy Sedaris plays his doppleganger in particular). Not a fan of Heather Locklear, though she doesn't bother me the way she bothers Galoot. As for Jimmy Fallon, I never really liked him on SNL (I didn't get what the big deal was, and still don't). I thought he was pretty good in Fever Pitch though. Whatever happened to him anyway?

Too much food but it was OH so good.