Sunday, February 11, 2007

Working For The Weekend

Saturday was busy. I coordinated a Mandalas workshop in the morning, an artist reception in the evening and the late show with the improv troupe at 10pm.

Due to a burst water pipe in our studio theater space, the workshop had to be moved into the gallery (which doubles as a conference space) from 9 am until 5pm. Not too many folks attended the workshop, but the presenter seemed content.

The artist reception went really well. Over 60 people attended and one piece sold in ten minutes. Not a small feat, considering that hardly any of the work we exhibit sells. With this particular artist, I had professional-looking posters (designed by my talented, high-school apprentice) and postcards made. My boss invited around 70 local business owners in the hope that some of the urban landscapes of the city would sell. Only one of those folks showed up, and he purchased a portrait early.

The artist (Matt Hall) sold another piece to his father. I'm pretty sure I made my advertising, postage and reception money back through the Arts Council's commission - which pleases me to no end. Most important, though, is that Matt has sold two of his paintings and a lot of folks were able to see his work! After my improv set, I came back to Forte restaurant to hang out with some of the gallery folk. There must have been 25 people in the bar area, most of them from the reception. Matt was happy with the turnout. He deserves it.

The improv show was interesting. Our founder, Eric and one of his Comedy Sportz cohort filled in for myself and another member in the early show and stuck around for the late show. It was cool to have 7 people on stage together. There was some roughness in the tone of the show, since our rhythms have changed since Eric moved to Buffalo. We managed a pretty good compromise and delivered a fun show.

All in all, a pretty good Saturday. The only missing element was P-Girl, who watched the kiddoes due to a lack of a babysitter (and my procrastination in securing one!)


3carnations said...

We went to two different Comedy Sportz, the one in Buffalo and the one in Portland. That place is a hoot!

Julia said...

We missed you at the 7:30 show, but Eric and Dan did a good job filling in. And speaking of Dan.. it turns out we were in some college classes together up at Buff State. Funny, small world.

Gabriel said...

i'm totally going to buy one of his paintings next time i'm out there. i think they are great.

PreppyGirl said...

I'm pretty sure Gabriel is Slea.

I had a good time hanging out with the kids and I caught up on all my Tivoed shows. :)