Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day One - We Can Have Lots of Fun

So far, so good. I crawled out of bed about 30 minutes after PGirl left to do some work on the newsletter and to work out on the elliptical. GalootJr. sulked on the couch for awhile, but soon made peace with his mother's business trip.

We did some breakfast, some dishes and some laundry, but mostly the kiddoes played. PGirlJr. made it to ballet class in time for one of the mothers to help her out with her bunhead. The trip to Chautauqua Comics was fun, and each of the kids picked out something to buy (Spiderman lunch box for the boy and Mickey Mouse comic book for the girl).

We attempted a nap in the late afternoon, and ate some dinner before having birthday cake. Both kids finished their veggies with a mix of regret, reluctance and nose-pinching. Ultimately they made it! A few phone calls to PGirl and Mr. Social (his birthday today) and now we're winding down for the evening. We'll live to see another morning.

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Julia said...

Did you just co-opt a line from a New Kids On The Block song for your blog title? Did you? HAH!