Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Turd's-Day Thirteen

The blogosphere welcomed another Unexpected Guest today with the addition of my good friend, The Viking Slacker 0r Slacker Viking. Whatever. This is a Turd's Day Thirteen list dedicated to him because he is the shit.

Thirteen Things You Don't Need To Know About The Vicking Slacker Slacker Viking:
  1. He is a surrogate uncle to PGirl and GalootJr. They love him unconditionally, even when he smells of the smoke.
  2. One of the few doodles I have done in my adult years was a mocking one of him when we were rehearsing for "12 Angry Men". When I passed it to him, it was the first time that I busted his balls in a long standing fued of cracks.
  3. He's a bass player. "His playing is so sweet, I'm getting chubby."
  4. His hairstyle often alternates between mohawk and stubble. Rarely longer....
  5. He is a serious gamer.
  6. He often portrays eccentric old men or eccentric young boys in our improv shows.
  7. He throws New Years parties pretty well.
  8. He works with me at the Arts Council.
  9. He doesn't drink beer.
  10. He drives an Oldsmobile that sounds like a hot rod.
  11. He loves Kids In The Hall.
  12. He loves Frisky Dingo.
  13. He might love you.

1 comment:

Tracy Crowe Jones said...

I've been having dreams about little dancers coming out from under your skirt...only it's kind of like a clown car and they couldn't possible all fit under there. Seriously. Weird.