Monday, January 14, 2008

Mr. Jones and Galoot

In regard to the 90's music list....

I only posted on the top 25. "Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows wound up later on the list. I do have a memory of this that I want to share. At my college, lip synching competitions reigned supreme during homecoming and Greek Week activities. My fraternity had a pretty good track record of wins, including:
  • "YMCA" - In full costume.
  • "ABC" by Jackson 5 - performed by my African American brothers, a.k.a. Delta Sig Dark
  • "Thing" - Aretha Franklin - I was in this one as Elwood Blues.
Some of my best friends (Skippy and Grinder) were in another fraternity. I remember being rushed by these guys, but went another route. In another life, who knows? Anyway, these guys did a lip sync of Mr. Jones that consisted mostly of Corey doing the lead part, just hopping around the stage. Whenever the chorus would come up, another brother, Frank would come out like a 20 year old Charles Nelson Reilly/Fred Schneider hybrid and yell out, "Look everyone, it's Mr. Jones!" At this point, Skippy (whose last name was Jones) would come out and dance for a bit. I loved the gag and still think fondly of it.

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Tracy Crowe Jones said...

...and some things never change. He still prances around whenever anyone says his name. Pavlovian, I suppose.