Friday, January 25, 2008


I turned thirty six today. It says so on Myspace so it must be true. I asked PGirl to tell me what 36 is like and she scowled at me. She can't be too mad at me because I've received some pretty cool gifts today. They include:

  • Pair of black trousers from Old Navy courtesy of PGirl. I'm a big fan of Old Navy khaki's with flat fronts. I've pretty much worn out my two brownish pairs and a dark gray pair as well, so these are a nice addition to the wardrobe. Also, three long-sleeve tees.
  • Gift card to Chautauqua Comics from the kids. I'll take the kids there and let them pick up a couple from the $1.oo bins. I'll get the latest issue of "Angel - After The Fall". Yeah, not only am I a Joss Whedon geek, I'm also a bit of a comic book geek. Now Whedon is doing comics and my head is exploding.
  • Some cash from the Silver Fox which we used toward a sushi dinner and the babysitter.
  • Black sweater with collar and zipper from the Kentucky Colonel and Miss Elizabeth (got it at Christmas, but it's still cool.)
  • Don't know what I'm getting from Saint Eileen and the Organ Grinder, but I'll probably get it when they come back in April.
Finally, I wrangled sort of a free gift for myself that I'll share with the community. Within a week or so the radio station in my office will begin airing Harry Shearer's satirical radio program, "Le Show". As a preemptive move, I emailed Mr. Shearer last week to guage his interest in doing a phone interview with me for the radio version of "Arts On Fire". He wrote back, "sure" and I'm hoping to set something up this week. Once it is in the can, I'll post a link to it. If you don't know the man or his work, click here and read all about him.

Finally, finally. PGirl is heading out to the Windy City for some work and play. So, I get the kiddoes all to myself this week. I think I'll challenge myself to post each day about this potentially terrifying wonderful experience.


-R- said...

Happy birthday!
Good luck on your own this week!

princess slea said...

an interview with harry, that is very cool.
happy birthday.

Makkaio said...

Great. You and I will have to get together on the dress code thing so we're not seen wearing the same stuff around town. Old Navy stuff just fits well.

Galoot said...

Does Nick Dean have to be in on the dress code?