Monday, January 28, 2008

Day Two: There's So Much We Can Do

After I finished the last post, I headed upstairs to put the kids and myself to bed. I was met there by PGirlJr. wearing a bikini and GalootJr. wearing a pair of boxer shorts that resembled his swim trunks. They invited me upstairs to hang out in their "hot tub". In our house, this could mean one of three things:
  1. A gaggle of Barbie dolls lounging around the bathroom sinking with more water on the floor than in the sink.
  2. A bathtub full of hot water which the kids drew themselves. They haven't done this to us yet, but it is probably inevitable and would amount to more water on the floor and an angry response from me.
  3. An unimaginable scenario that would certainly chill me to the bone.
Thankfully, they produced a fourth option which was quite cute actually. On the bed that belongs to PGirl and myself, the kids had constructed pillows and the comforter in a small wall encircling a blue blanket meant to be the water. Damned adorable it was! We played for a bit, then watched "The Naked Brothers Band" which is a kid show that isn't as bad as you might think but not as good as it should be.

On Sunday, we slept in, ate some breakfast and dropped the girl off at Sunday school. The boy and I picked up a few groceries, returned to get the girl and had some lunch at home. At 1pm we headed to my offices because the current artist in the gallery had to take down her show. Luckily for us, she had a group mandala project as part of the exhibit, so the kids got to make a bit of art.

Napping, dinner and dessert filled the rest of the day - a good one.

P.S. If you're jonesing for a TV show with the chops of "My So Called Life", you should see "Friday Night Lights". I'm as serious as a heart attack here.

P.S.S. Some very recent dialogue:

Girl: GalootJr.'s in my room!
Me: GalootJr. get out of her room!
Sound of footsteps descending stairs.
Boy: Ow! My wiener!

more to come...


princess slea said...

hilarious. galoot jr told pgirl that he could hear jude boy snoring saturday night.

-R- said...

I did not really like My So Called Life. But I love Friday Night Lights!

Galoot said...

PSlea - PGirlJr. had poked him through his pants because he was hiding a "turtle" in his underwear. Turns out it was a toy...

R - This show keeps getting better and better. One of the best ensembles on television. The interaction between the coach and his wife is dead on. And Buddy Garrity? Comic relief.

Tracy Crowe Jones said...

FNL is great...but I do miss seeing them play football.

Galoot said...

Anyone who's wondering what might have happened in a second season of "MSCL" should get the box set. Creator, Winnie Holzman, in some liner notes, briefly describes what was to be for the main characters...